Our design studio has created special machines, which have been used in various fields.

  • PVC frame processing
  • Wrapping machines for extrusions
  • Extrusion lines from large to small sizes
  • Conveyors
  • Servo presses for press fit, with micrometer controller
  • Vertical opening protections with electric or pneumatic control system

We are committed to providing all the entrusted projects the best technical knowledge. Also, we thoroughly scrutinize the customer needs, in order to make the final product functional and competitive.

 Through the use of three-dimensional design programs, we are in condition to study the entire project at any time, with regard to both FEM and kinetic dynamic motion analysis.

Bench screwing

Wrapping machines for extrusions

Servo Presses 5 Kn

Servo Presses 25 Kn

Servo Presses 40 Kn

Servo Presses 80 Kn

PVC frame processing

Vertical opening protections

Extrusion lines from large to small sizes